The Management Team At My Hotel

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After failing the Marriott audit on February 10th the management team at my hotel had a three hour meeting about how to improve our score. Everyone was aware that a Marriott auditor would be coming back anonymously within sixty days. The Bistro part of the audit was the area that failed miserably, so that is where management concentrated almost all of their effort on improving their score. The woman from the Bistro that made a score of zero was allowed to stay on with a warning. The week after the audit she came into work and hour late for two of her shifts and just decided not to show up for another shift. I would like to say that management fired her after she skipped her shift without calling, but no she was given one more chance. The Bistro had a mandatory meeting the next morning and she was going to be allowed to continue working at The Courtyard if she decided to show up. She obviously did not show up for the meeting and finally management decided to let her go. Every person in management had been warned about this woman by almost every member of the front desk staff. They could have saved themselves from failing audit by listening. A new employee was hired for the bistro, he has worked for a different Courtyard Bistro and is well trained. Every morning after the manager’s meeting a member of management would come in to evaluate and monitor the Bistro. I was very impressed with Ashley Miller who is our head of sales. She basically took the Bistro on as her baby. I
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