The Management Theory and Practice

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Individual Essay The management theory and practice has changed over since the early 1900’s, while the economy developed. With the globalization and technology be used widely, the environment became more competitive. The social institutions feel pressure to face a new challenge. The management system should be innovated into the new conditions and challenges management and the new management made workplace more productive. The old management evolved from classical management approaches to modern management approaches. This essay will describe three parts of changing in management approaches: changing in the method of treating employees, changing the method of management problem solving and achieving modern management approaches. The…show more content…
The values of these factors could be changed to develop different scenarios in the search for a solution (Hahn 2007). While operations research has provided management with a valuable tool in the planning and control of production activities, mathematical models have yet to account effectively for human behaviors. Nowadays, many of the techniques are highly sophisticated. Organisations often use staff specialists to help managers apply techniques. The software and hardware development also have potential quantitative applications to managerial problems. After the three management approaches, the modern management approaches grew directly from foundation established. When people became complicated and variable, the management changed into modern management approaches. While time changed, people have more different needs. Therefore, the organisations and managers should have variety of managerial strategies and job opportunities to deal with individual differences. Systems thinking and contingency thinking are the key foundations of the modern management approaches. The system is “collection of interrelated parts that function together to achieve a common purpose” (Campling et al. 2008, p92). It use communication method to make the cooperation happened. The open system is an organisation that

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