The Manager Of Benny O ' Hanlon Who Is The Founder And Owner Of Todd 's Leap Essay

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For my assignment the enterprising manager that I will be studying for my portfolio is Benny O’Hanlon who is the founder and owner of Todd’s Leap. Benny and his wife Patricia opened Todd’s Leap in 1992. Benny has worked in many business sectors over his years, including; engineering, hospitality, agriculture, aviation, media, retail, training and tourism. Benny is a qualified in a number of different sectors such as a motor engineer, a LANTRA freelance instructor, a firearms technical officer, a former Irish off road racing champion, a peak performance coach, a deep sea diver, and he holds a purple belt in Judo. Benny has been married to Patricia for 36 years. Benny and Patricia have four children and they are also the proud grandparents to ten grandchildren. All of Benny and Patricia’s children work in the family business. Benny has very few regrets in life, but always acknowledges he threw away his opportunity for education in his youth but has done alright for himself with very little education by forming a very successful business. He has achieved many things because of two simple theories, he believed in himself and he never gave up when the going got tough. Benny is totally convinced that anyone can achieve anything they want in life if they believe that they can and are prepared to work for it. There’s no such thing as luck, just hard work and dedication. Todd’s Leap plays host to Stag & Hen parties, Corporate Teambuilding Days, Youth & School events and provide
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