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Introduction :–
According to the given scenario, the boss of PhelpsTech, LLC company wants to replace the old XP window system with the Linux operating system. So I have prepared a Linux Implementation Proposal as asked by my boss, the Chief Technical Officer Katie Ledecky. Our company also wants to replace the current desktop/laptop configuration for window XP and for window 7.
Changes In Hardware Requirement :–
We have to change some hardware parts for proper users of the Linux operating system. One issue that is slowly or gradually getting to be non-existent is hardware support. Quite a while back, on the off chance that you needed to install Linux on a system, you needed to make sure you hand-picked all of hardware or your establishment would not work 100%. I can remember or recall, in 1997-ish, trying to make intellect of why I cannot get Red Hat Linux or Caldera Linux to understand my modem. After plentiful of looking around, I discovered I was the content owner of a Winmodem. So I wanted to go out and purchase a US Robotics outside modem because that was the one modem I knew would work. That is less the case now. You can take a PC (or tablet) and in all possibility get one or more Linux distributions to install and work about 100 % (100 percent). At any rate, there are still a few individual cases. For example, suspend/sleep remains an issue with many portable PCs, despite the fact that it has come a long way. We have to change the hardware requirements current t

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