The Manager Of The Peninsula Hong Kong

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Leadership Paper

IBUS 3600
Professor Adam Smidi

NaJia chen, the the manager of The Peninsula Hong Kong,
In the leadership paper, I want to talk about the manager of The Peninsula Hong Kong, Najia, Chen. People may not familiar with Najie, chen. But The Peninsula Hong Kong is famous around the world, they are limited edition five-star hotel, it is also a gathering place for the celebrities bright. The Peninsula Hong Kong was ranked 1st in the Hong Kong best hotel competition, people called it “Far east lady” to show their love. People maybe curious about the Najie Chen who is the one looks neither offensive nor deliberately creating a mystery woman, in this world-famous hotel, is how to win respect and lead this hotel to successed.

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In 2005 as general manager of the Peninsula Hotel in Thailand, she were faced with a century tsunami.Almost every time, the disaster will bring fatal blow to the hotel industry meanwhile a staff reduction plan seems like a very useful way to help businesses resume operations at that time. However, she promised to her employees which she will not to lay off workers easily,even she gives herself a pay cut to keep the business running. At the same time, she let them see the positive side, and let the employees to participate in training or do some tinkering work. When the disaster comes, the staff already prepared for the future, and they just waiting for the storm.As with the most successful actions, her employees have full confidence in her and fully trust her.Therefore her employees work actively cooperate with her, and her leadership be brought into fullest play. The second most important factor in a manager 's ability to motivate employees is creating a work environment and organizational culture that fosters employee motivation and engagement.For this factor, she also did a very good job. Najia Chen is not a religious people, but she respect all religious beliefs. Meanwhile, she treat gender equally. 20 years ago, when Najia Chen just joined The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong is
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