The Manager Of Walgreens Chain Drug Store

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Introduction I asked Tiffany Van Acker to provide input for my manager interview assignment. She is the manager of Walgreens chain drug store in Gautier Mississippi. I Chose Dr. Van Acker as my interview candidate because of the relationship we formed while working at Walgreens together. I wanted to analyze her responses because she helps patients in my community whom I will most likely interact with once I graduate. Dr. Van Acker has a Pharm D and BS in Biology/Chemistry and has been practicing as a pharmacist for 5 years. She was a pharmacist for 1 year before becoming a manager and currently has 7 employees under her supervision. About half of her time used for patient care and the remaining time is split between dispensing and managerial tasks. I am not very familiar with her specific work location since she recently went to work for a new Walgreens store. I do know that she serves Mississippi gulf coast patients on a daily basis that I also have experience working with. Summary 7. What are your greatest challenges as a manager? Dr. Van Acker said that her greatest challenge is implementing change in the pharmacy. 8. What do you feel are the best things about being a manager? Being a manager afforded Dr. Van Acker with the opportunity to lead her staff in her own progressive way. She feels like she has more control over her work environment. 9. In rank order, what are the three administrative/management functions on which you spend most of your time? She spends

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