The Manager as a Person

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The Manager as a Person Calvin H Cole III BUS 201 Dr. Amanyraoufpoor November 23, 2009 The Manager as a Person Why does the same retail store as another, within the same market area as another, do so much better than the first? The company is the same, the merchandise is the same, customers are the same, and prices are the same. The only thing different are the people who work in the two stores and the people who manage the two stores. Employees are the same almost anywhere you go. Some are hard workers, some are lazy, some are always on time, some are always late, some want to be at work, and others never want to be at work. What makes the difference between the two stores are the managers and their…show more content…
This is also known as attitude. Attitude is a collection of feelings and beliefs (2007b, p. 62). Just like us, managers have attitudes too. Just like values, we are going to talk about two types of attitudes, negative and positive. Managers who have a negative attitude can hurt a business or organization without even trying. Attitudes aren’t actions, but the way a manager feels and believes, and this can cause them to act in a negative way which gets passed on to the employee who then passes it on to the customer. This unfortunate chain of events results in bad customer relations and loss of business. Loss of business usually results in managers being replaced which could also hurt the organization because of the loss of knowledge and experience. When a manager has a positive attitude, it usually means they enjoy their jobs and working for the organization that employees them. When a manager has a positive attitude they approach their job and employees in a manner that is beneficial to the entire organization. A manager who has a positive attitude, usually causes the employees to have a positive attitude, and that attitude gets passed on to the customers, who will return even if prices are a little higher because its always nicer to shop in a pleasant or positive atmosphere. A manager’s attitude can also change an employee’s negative attitude. Unlike values which are more of a life long decision, attitudes
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