The Managerial Odyssey

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After reading this book, I realized that I already use a lot of the things that Focazio focuses on. I decided I would use this assignment to reveal what I do when I’m not being a fulltime student. Since I can remember, I was raised to be a super hero. I was raised in a life where magic wasn’t a myth and extraordinary powers were a common everyday thing. I decided to go through things in the book I liked a lot and relate them to things I’ve learned from becoming the hero that I am today. I’ll begin with Focazio’s first of the three keys to unlock the problem of job dissatisfaction. You have to have fun to become successful. Being a superhero isn’t all the hype it’s made up to be. There is a lot of hard work that goes into training…show more content…
When I first heard about there intentions to do so, I started to do my research (success begins and ends in the planning stages). I had to look deeper into what I was about to walk into by knowing who I was going to be talking to, what obstacles would stand in my way, and by knowing my competition through and through (assess the terrain). I knew I would be talking to Counselor Abbot (the head of the council), Counselor Luki (In charge of the 13th chamber), and my Sifu. I knew that counselor Abbot was a very nice man and always calm. I had never seen him fall to anyone and he always knew how to focus his energy to the task at hand. Counselor Luki on the other hand was a different story. It seemed for as long as I could remember, he had been out to get me. It also didn’t help that his disciple, Tozark, had never liked me since I was always beating him at everything. My Sifu and I were always on good terms and I knew he wouldn’t be the one I’d be selling to but rather my way of providing evidence to support my sale (my “visual aid” you could call it). I knew the influence Luki had on Abbot so I connected the dots and figured Luki was trying to give my case to Tozark. I figured him to be my competition, along with Lord Ozai, and began to compile what I would say and slice Tozark’s
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