The Managerial Styles Within The Catering Industry

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Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities

Department of the Built Environment

Course: principles of Management
Course Co-ordinator: M Rhoden
Assignment: 1

A critical comparison to the managerial styles within the catering industry with that of the companies within the built environment

Author: David Tiernan
Student No: 000879221-6

20th November 2015

1. Introduction

This report critically compares the key management theories and management style differences between the catering and construction sectors. It identifies core differences within the industries and the difference in approach required for each to deliver one’s own service. the diference in the “product” which is being delivered by both sectors is a major reso

2. Management Overview
Project management is a social construct. Our understanding of what it entails has evolved over the years, and is continuing to do so (Morris, 2012). Since the 1950s when project management theory started becoming mainstream through management theory formalisation within the military industry, project management has evolved and changed with many different theorists giving different opinions. Besides the introduction of new perspectives and refinements of existing ones, the ongoing elaboration of better conceptualizations of projects, types and typologies is needed to improve the language that we use to speak about our common cognitive problem. This seems pressing since projects are used in a wider…
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