The Manager’s Bookshelf: a Mosaic of Contemporary Views

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In the text the manager’s bookshelf: A Mosaic of Contemporary views provides just what the title states, a “mosaic” of different management theories summarized from a select few best-selling management books. Before the text goes into the detail of the theories it explains how the authors determine a “best seller”. A best seller is based on “market acceptance, provocativeness, distinctiveness, representativeness and the authors reputation” (Jon L. Pierce; John W. Newstrom, 2010,p.9). Since we understand what determines the best seller the next question that arises is why the popularity?
This is due to Americas thirst for success, management competition, optimistic messages and increased commitment to organizational
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This theory also focuses on a few more areas such as the systematic approach on setting goals, measuring those goals and make sure there is a balance understanding across all platform of the organization. This focus is known as MBO (Management by objectives), MBO should foster –self control and motivation changing objectives into personal goals of the employee (Jon L. Pierce; John W. Newstrom, 2010,p.22). The last few keys focuses on are “utilizing all resources” – Creating a desired balance between all factors of production that gives greatest output for the smallest effort, “Fostering positive spirit” recognize and reward based on great performance, “Developing Managers” – challenge at all employee levels to pursue self development and growth by testing ability of its future managers, “Management of the worker and work”- defining work and creating a positive stimulating work environment with responsibility and rewards, and lastly “Structure of Management” – flat, simple and focused on performance and results(Jon L. Pierce; John W. Newstrom, 2010,p.23). It’s obvious that Druckers main focus is management here, and how good structured management and organizations that are outward looking, are a social institution, pursue multiple goals, are innovative, focused, spirited and with a focus on well structured business objectives will

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