The Managing Human Resources Class

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The Managing Human Resources class has been a great experience for me. My perception of HR has changed since we started the class. In the beginning of class, I thought all HR departments were the same as the only one I’ve ever experienced throughout my career; which happens to be with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). I now understand HR can be much more and TWRA’s HR is not providing many of the services it could be. Unfortunately, TWRA’s HR is only delivering functional expertise, rather than strategic performance. I now understand there is a problem when HR departments are only providing functional expertise (Becker and Huselid 2009).

The following are questions and answers relating to my experience in the Managing
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I now realize how good my employee benefits are and understand good benefits lead to happier employees; which ultimately results in increased returns for companies.

The debate over Jack Welch’s “Rank and Yank” approach to personnel management was enlightening as well. Welch believes employers should be brutally honest regarding employee performance. He feels managers withholding information on employee evaluations are doing a great injustice to the employee. He points out underperforming employees are a bad fit for their positions and managers should help them find another job. Opponents of Welch’s practices claim his approach unnecessarily promotes power struggles among managers and unhealthy competition among colleagues.

I now understand the importance of companies having a good onboarding program. Onboarding sets the tone for the rest of a new employee’s career with the company. The quality of an onboarding program impacts an employee’s productivity, retention, and engagement. My company doesn’t do a good job of onboarding and I hope to help change this. In order promote this change; I’m volunteering to assist with future orientations.

This class reiterated my belief that networking is crucial for establishing influence. Class discussions and readings have led me to refocus on expanding my professional network.

The instruction regarding employee terminations was fascinating. I feel very fortunate to have received the training because I know few
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