The Mandir Research Paper

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As we started the tour, she explained to me what a mandir is and what is consist off, since there are many places that can cure other things such as a broken arm, and a not so well trained brain, she told me that it’s a house of worship, it helps with the mending of your soul, heart, and to maintain peace of mind, it’s a place where people learn the values of life, ethics, and overall a place where anyone can come and seek shelter in difficult times. The mandir is a place that fuels their faith in God, strengthens their society and teaches them how to trust one another and to become trustworthy. Of course she was giving me all this information before we entered the mandir, and because of that she brought up what the mandir itself is made of.…show more content…
Now she did give me very specific information about the stones and everything else inside (VERY SPECIFIC), The Turkish limestone is 29,000 cu ft while the Italian marble is 22,000 cu ft, there are 11 small domes, 136 pillars which like I said I got to touch without them noticing, and 70 ceilings with 24 unique designs. A total of two million man hours of labor were gone into building the mandir, with high school, college students, and many young professionals including both men and women putting their life on hold to guarantee the completion of the mandir by the end of July of 2004. I proceeded to ask her why do people do it for free and take time away from their schedules to complete the mandir and she directly told me that’s one of the main reason to why the place is so sacred and holy to them, they do it out of “love” and pureness from their heart that’s why there was no money spent at all in the making of the mandir. The whole purpose was for the mandir to be created according to ancient Hindu scriptures known as the Shilpa-Shastra, but at the same time they were trying to keep up and make it look appeasing for today’s modern
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