The Manhattan Project Led By J. Robert Oppenheimer

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The Manhattan Project led by J. Robert Oppenheimer was the sole responsibility of the most destructive, but a most productive exploration of energy in the history of man- producing the atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, arguably started the war-like encounter, the cold war, sparking conflicts and bills that would affect future for centuries to come, and starting a nuclear arms race between the United States and Russia. Firstly, with substantiation from the many lives claimed by the atomic bombs, was this an instance in which the US had to explore a lot of bad, to do a lot of good, or was this an encounter of pure human evil? Moreover, because of the further conflicts that did quite a huge number onto humanity, it’s a…show more content…
Nuclear fallout shelters designed in almost every house in America due to the fact that people didn’t want to perish a horrible, fiery death- a theme seen throughout all of humanity, self preservation. However, because of the mass amounts of exchanges of treaties throughout the world to stop a nuclear holocaust, it is Throughout the war effort in World War Two, Robert Oppenheimer 's work on the Manhattan project beginning in 1939 happened in secret, providing for future exploration in the field of nuclear fission, designs for future weapons, and grounds for future scientific exploration in reactors, with substantiation from the X-10 graphite reactor. Throughout all the vastly important discoveries of Manhattan project, it provided a few heart wrenching lasting encounters on the world in the form of further foreign conflict and disputes; examples including the current Iran deal, the Cold War, and the North Korean crisis. To touch on J. Robert Oppenheimer, it should be shown off a lot about him- he was a true genius, if you talked to him about anything besides sports, he’d be able to talk about it. He had a somewhat strange childhood- he was interested in physics since he was a young boy. It almost seemed like he knew that Uranium and Plutonium were going to make bombs. He was very intelligent, and almost always dressed like the stereotypical man at the time-
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