The Manhattan Project Shaped History

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Significant impacts have been felt to this day because of the creation of the Manhattan Project brought into existence over 70 years ago. Long and short term affects have been acknowledged due to the creation of atomic warfare. Harry S. Truman stated “I knew what I was doing when I stopped the war… I have no regrets and, under the same circumstances, I would do it again.” The Manhattan Project shaped history as we know it today. In 1939 President Roosevelt was told of the German exploration to yield atomic artilleries for war. Roosevelt determined that under the state of affairs of the looming World War II the United States would need to cultivate atomic weapons before the Germans. Research funding was provided to scientifically…show more content…
(“The Atomic Bomb” 258) By the end of 1942 bombs were no longer just being researched they were also being produced as well. On April 12, 1945, President Roosevelt’s death occurred. Harry Truman appropriated the project and the Secretary of War brought him up to date since he was always unaware of the task at hand. President Truman convened with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin and the Potsdam Declaration was written. This declaration offered Japan the opportunity to surrender or risk “prompt and utter destruction” Japan declined and President Truman was left with the decision to release nuclear destruction on Japan. On August 6, 1945, “little boy” the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Truman had picked the target based on the lack of American civilians in the area. Japan refused to surrender. Three days later “fat boy” the second atomic bomb was released on Nagasaki, the residency of the Mitsubishi factory that produced the torpedoes that bombed Pearl Harbor. The devastation and deaths were felt for months after the bombing. The staggering amount of deaths were reported to be between 90,000-146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,000-80,000 in Nagasaki. Half of these deaths occurred on the days of the bombings. Japan surrendered to the United States. World War II would be ending. The Manhattan Project essentially set many things in motion besides just the bombings of Japan. The
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