The ' Manifest Destiny, And The Economic Rewards

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The influence of the “Manifest Destiny” and the possible economic rewards were the driving force behind Jefferson’s desire to send Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to go on a three year expedition westwards to the Pacific Ocean in August of 1803. While the journey to the West provided Lewis and Clark was one that was both fascinating and difficult, the journey back home was one that was filled with obstacles. Some of the difficulties faced on the journey home can be attributed to the climate and topography of the land which are recorded in the journals of Lewis and Clark. During June of 1806, Lewis and Clark are returning home by way of the Missouri River. Clark provides in-depth imagery about the topography of the land during a fishing trip and states: “the first 20 ms. of their rout was up Commeâp Creek and through a plain open Country, the hills of the Creek Continued high and broken with Some timber near it 's borders, the ballance of heir rout was through a high broken Mountanious Country. generally well timbered with pine the soil fertile. in this quarter the meet with abundance of deer and Some big-horned Animals. The East fork of Lewis 's river they discribe as one Continued rapid of about 150 yards wide, it 's banks are in most places Solid and perpindicular rocks, which rise to a great hight; it 's hills are mountanious high. on the top of Some of those hills over which they passed, the Snow had not entirely disappeared, and the grass was just springing up.”

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