The Manifest Destiny Essay

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Industrialization of the United States was in full swing by the 1840s. Which evidenced that the continued expansion of the states was an issue and the idea of a Manifest Destiny was of major importance. John L. O’Sullivan once stated, “Our Manifest Destiny is to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions” (America: A Narrative History). The idea of a Manifest Destiny originated in the 1840s by the Anglo-Saxon Colonists to expand their ideal civilization and institutions across North America to become a super nation. There were conflicts during this expansion, but they only led to major successes that molded the states into the superior country it is today. The Manifest…show more content…
The United States was rapidly expanding and becoming more diverse, causing these men to look past their own land. This idea was primarily favored by the Democratic Party because they believed that contiguous land would voluntarily join the Union in order to obtain the benefits of Republican rule. Democrats craved the benefits that Republicans had in the government and envied their powerful positions. However, the Manifest Destiny gained Republican support over time (“Manifest Destiny”). The Manifest Destiny was the daring idea to expand past the original boundaries of the United States. Although there is no land that has not been discovered, this type of self motivation is needed to maintain the American tradition of conquering all. Within that idea, one conflict of this journey was that this expansion of boundaries would encourage the idea that white men were superior to other nationalities and had power to overrule. This claim became widespread because white men were behind this Manifest Destiny and were willing to take over land of the Native Americans’ land out west to secure Oregon Territory, California, Mexican land in the southwest, and in the 1850s, Cuba, (“Manifest Destiny”). Recently, the State of Florida has recently bullied their way into tearing down the local Tom Thumb gas station in Vernon, Florida in order to four lane the

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