The Manifestations Of Organized Crime Among Roma

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The Manifestations of Organized Crime Among Roma in Romania Abstract - Organized crime captures the attention of the entire society, generating insecurity and fear among citizens. When talking about organized crime, especially among the Roma, although the terminology refers to extremely serious criminal deeds, initially we are tempted to think about the frequent methods used to sensitize that the Roma people abuse of: begging, marketing of products or metalworking. The sense of security among citizens is becoming less and less common. And as the theme dealt with in this paper refers to organized crime among the Roma - which leads us to think about a cause of insecurity in today 's society - we will make a general analysis of the…show more content…
"Beccaria, Quetelet and Lombrosso admit the essential abnormality of the criminal behavior: each advocates its eradication in his own way, indicating the approach that is, in each point of view, the most effective in fulfilling this task. Firstly, the solution is to build a criminal law based on democratic principles and reason. Secondly, it is important to find the social causes of delinquency in order to direct the actions of the public authorities towards the "moralizing" of the offenders. Lastly, crime is a pathological conduct, and it must be cured on the basis of individual treatment which only uses in certain cases the instruments of law "(Ogien, 2002, p. 21). The offense of establishing an organized criminal group is a criminal offense of a particular gravity, which is punished with up to 10 years of imprisonment, depending on the gravity of the offenses for which the group was formed. Moreover, when the purpose for which the group was formed is reached, the conjuncture of offenses will result in a higher penalty. A.The evolution of the phenomenon In Romania, organized crime developed immediately after the revolution in 1989, with ramifications in almost all its spheres of manifestation. Over
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