The Manifesto From The Museum Tv Anthem

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KUDZU PROFESSIONAL OVERVIEW: It’s important to note that the change in the manifesto from the museum TV anthem to the NYT print layout completely altered the interpretation of this area. It moved from an idea about innovations in the consumer group to an idea about an organization who believes anyONE can make a contribution. The power of this idea came from the “one-ness” that professionals interpreted to be a point of view from the organization that everyone at all levels can affect change; the system listens and responds and in effect is human by listening, caring and adapting. Doctors, nurses and frontline employees believe that this idea grows out of what is so great about Northwell Health, and it’s an empowering message to be one of 61,000 employees who can contribute to the greatness of the system.

This critical change in direction for this territory helped drive our understanding of how to reframe Look North as a philosophy and in doing provide direction for the new expression of Look North.
Main Message: After swapping out the TV Museum Anthem spot for the NYT manifesto with a layout focusing on ONE, the message of this territory was more focused on the collaborative nature of the system. Professionals understood the core idea to be that the institution is a meritocracy that believes (listens and identifies) great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone and these great big and even little big ideas are game changers.
The idea of one. That a single thought…
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