The Manifesto From The Museum Tv Anthem

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KUDZU PROFESSIONAL OVERVIEW: It’s important to note that the change in the manifesto from the museum TV anthem to the NYT print layout completely altered the interpretation of this area. It moved from an idea about innovations in the consumer group to an idea about an organization who believes anyONE can make a contribution. The power of this idea came from the “one-ness” that professionals interpreted to be a point of view from the organization that everyone at all levels can affect change; the system listens and responds and in effect is human by listening, caring and adapting. Doctors, nurses and frontline employees believe that this idea grows out of what is so great about Northwell Health, and it’s an empowering message to be one…show more content…
You focus of one thing and then see the big picture is the message – Nurse The concept is that one person or idea can make a huge impact across the board – Frontline We are 17 hospitals but we are 1. We are changing, getting ideas from everywhere – Nurse I see the uniqueness of the system where an individual can make something new and exciting and important… It suggests that in spite of the size of the system the right person can make a change – Doctor Core Benefit: Professionals felt this was a message of empowerment which truly reflected what is different and special about the Northwell system. They were less sure what the benefit to consumers and patients wa,s and thought that perhaps it implied that everyone throughout the organization was dedicated to patient care. However, this was a less developed thought. Each and every person, all of those numbers, are working together. It isn’t always said clearly – Nurse The benefit would be that everyone is entitled to be a thinker and innovator and bring their content forward – Doctor We have to make it clear that they are all collectively working for one patient - Nurse I don’t think the consumers care about how many people work here – Nurse Everyone has a voice. Just because you aren’t top management. Someone might still listen to you - Frontline Strengths “One” suggests the unity of an efficient system
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