The Manifesto Of The Communist Party Essay

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Introduction: The Manifesto of the Communist party is a book written in 1847, by a group of radical workers part the “Communist League.” Including the radical workers, the group comprised of Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels. They met in London to write a manifesto on their behalf, which would be famously known as the Communist Manifesto. Marx was the principle author, while Engels was mainly focused on editing and assisting. The Communist Manifesto was originally published in London in 1848. The book is one of the most widely read and most influential documents of modern socialism. It is also known to be the systematic statement of the philosophy that has come to be known as Marxism. Marxism itself is known as the main philosophy around Communism and has been adopted by some systems of government and society throughout history. Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, sociologist, and political revolutionary. When Karl Marx moved to Paris in 1843, he met Engels and together they both worked on several essays. However, Marx and Engels are best known for their revolutionary writings around the concept of Communism. Marx attained his primary intellectual influences from the work of G.W.F Hegel. Hegel’s main theory describes history as a process in which the world becomes conscious of itself as spirit. Marx furthered this theory and argues that man becomes conscious of himself as a spirit; the material world causes him to feel increasingly alienated from himself. The
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