The Manila Metropolitan Are The Center Of Employment Opportunities

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The Manila metropolitan area is known as the center of employment opportunities here in the Philippines. Most of the Filipinos from different parts of the country are taking their chances to move to the urban centers of Manila with high hopes of being employed in opportunities associated with the modern economy, mostly services and manufacturing. Some of them were lucky enough and landed in their dream jobs and earned a living. However, the country 's high rate of population growth has resulted to large additions to the labor force annually. This has aggravated an economy with a high rate of unemployment and even higher underemployment. Indeed, the shortage of employment opportunities has resulted in large-scale migrations of Filipino workers to other countries, both professionals and unskilled workers.
Determined to create jobs here at home and to ensure that Filipinos need not leave their families to go abroad to work, former President Benigno Aquino III, issued a 22-point platform and policy implemented by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). President Aquino also wanted to ensure that the country’s labor policies were aligned with international treaties and international labor conventions to effectively protect the rights of workers, especially those working abroad.
The goal of the previous administration was for investors to invest in our country’s top resource, our human resource, to make us more competitive and employable while promoting industrial peace
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