The Manipulation Of Ethical Decision Making

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The Manipulation of Ethical Decision-Making Thought Ethical Leadership This paper focuses on discussing the existence of “Ethical Leadership”, and how it ties into ethical decision making. Ethical decision-making and ethical leadership go hand and hand forming the basis of an ethical organizations. Ethical leadership guides the “Corporate Culture” thus heavily influencing ethical decision-making. Ethical leadership is the guide for organizational ethical decision-making, via its manipulation of the corporate culture. Pros of the Issue In order to understand Ethical Leadership; one must understand what ethics, and leadership are. Ethics are simply our principles; or values and beliefs, these define what is right and wrong to us thus; governing our behavior. Leadership however; is the process of influencing others to achieve goals. Therefore; a simple definition of ethical leadership is it the process of influencing people through principles, values and beliefs that encompass what we have defined as right behavior. If leadership is a process of social influence, then it stand to reason that leaders possess the ability to influence others both positive and negative in regards to ethical decision-making. It also stands to reason that if leader have strong personal values, they will possess strong Ethical Leadership. Some 500 respondents thought businesses in Europe were analyze on how ethical leadership behaviors; such as role modeling behavior, transmitting
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