The Manipulative Nature of Propaganda Essay

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Though it may come as a surprise, many of your opinions on matters originated by means of propaganda. Propaganda is a means to manipulate an audience in believing information they want their audience to believe. In an effort to bring about the awareness of propaganda, writers George Orwell, Newman and Genevieve Birk, as well as D.W. Cross, explain the various ways in which a targeted audience may succumb to the manipulation of language and logic. Orwell Newman and Genevieve Birk focus on the slanted information that we receive in our everyday lives. In fact, much of the information we read and hear slants towards audiences having a specific response (Birk and Birk). What take from that information is screened, slanted by selected facts,…show more content…
Cross in Propaganda: How Not to Be Bamboozled. This article announces the devices of trickery used by propaganda in an attempt to appeal to audiences. Devices of trickery include name-calling, glittering generalities, plain folks appeal, argumentum ad populum, argumentum ad hominem, transfer of guilt or glory, bandwagon, and false analogy, begging the question, false dilemma, and card stacking. Name-calling is mudslinging that we accept without further question. We need to become aware of the negative name-calling, and should question the verity of the statement instead of assuming the information to be true. Glittering generalities are the opposite of name-calling, in which a positive connotation is used to make us agree without questioning the evidence. Typically, glittering generalities have “virtue words,” that we have a deep connection to, but the words have no meaning (Cross). We must ask ourselves what the words really mean and instead of assuming because it sounds good that it must be true. Speakers typically use the plain folks appeal in order to make you feel they are just like you. If you think that they are just like you, you would be more likely associate yourself with them. You must ask yourself why you chose that person, and what do they stand for as
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