The Mannerist Movement

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Discuss Mannerist Movement Discuss the Mannerist movement. What are the factors that helped bring it about? The biggest factor that helped to bring about the Mannerist movement was the logical shift towards naturalism during the Renaissance period. This is when there was a focus a depicting the subject and the background as realistically as possible. These changes helped to influence creativity and expression. Mannerism was the next logical step in testing these boundaries of creativity by focusing on realism combined with scale and perspective. (Stokstad, 2010) What are some of its recognizable features? The most recognizable features include: subjects depicted in realistic settings and the use of style to show a different perspective. The way that realism is utilized is to highlight the different activities the subjects are involved in. This is accomplished by making their poses and actions seem very ordinary. Then, they are utilizing various colors and features to bring out their physical attributes. These different elements are designed to highlight similarities with ordinary society. (Stokstad, 2010) The use of style is when artists were testing the boundaries of creativity. The way that this was accomplished was to have more a mystical background in the painting. This was achieved through using different colors (such as: a backdrop and bright foreground). At the same time, the body features are altered slightly to enhance the appearance of the subject. When
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