The Mansion A Subprime Parable

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An adequate understanding of the American cultural predisposition is required to analyze the actual reasons for the subprime crisis of 2008 and the author, Michael Lewis tries to illustrate this by describing his own personal experience of renting a luxurious mansion in New Orleans in his essay ‘The Mansion: A Subprime Parable’. Although it is true that, the money lending business did facilitate the American desire for unaffordable houses, it cannot be held responsible for it as the author feels that it was the average Americans lust for bigger houses that was truly responsible for this crisis. To illustrate, the author describes his own experience with renting a luxurious mansion which reflects the model of the subprime crisis in general…show more content…
It may appear, that the author does not explicitly delineates the reason for wanting to live in the mansion, there are some indications in the initial paragraphs which clearly show the reasons as to why it became an object of desire for the author. Firstly, the author felt guilty of moving his family out of the comforts of California into New Orleans and wanted to give them the best to compensate for it. Secondly, when the real estate agent said that the mansion was previously referred to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it seems to have subconsciously aroused the author’s ego. On top of that, while he was child as he rode past this mansion it always seemed like a museum for him- inaccessible and so now getting a chance to live in it meant making the impossible become possible. However, in the end the author blames himself for this decision and admits that it was stretching beyond his means of being higher middle class as ultimately he has to quit the place on account of both financial strain and other…show more content…
More interestingly, the author has personified the house in this essay to a great effect wherein the reader ultimately even starts imaging the mansion to be haunted! More seriously, the author has characterized the mansion to have a mind of its own because although the author is staying in the house by paying huge rent, it is the mansion which is dictating the terms for him. For example, the author is at the mercy of the mansion as the whole air-conditioning and alarm system is automated and the author is still not able to understand it. Moreover, the mansion also compels the author to shell out huge amount for its general maintenance like water and cable bills, over which he has no control. In reality, the author’s intention of writing that “the mansion made him do it” is to show that the pretense of wealth requires it to do so. Primarily, the purpose of personification seems to be to bring out the magnitude of impact the huge and unaffordable housing has on the financial health of the owner in later stages, if he is not rich

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