The Manson : The Murder Of Hollywood Star

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harles Manson was born on November 12,1934 in Ohio. He is known for his notorious killings of Hollywood star ( Biography 1). He was interviewed by Tom Snyder about his life before and after he was prosecuted for the crimes he committed. The relationship between the interviewer, Snyder, and Manson caused the interview to lose its credibility. Even Though serial killers are inimical, the interview denies their sociological factors and external events that make a serial killer. Rather Snyder, rejects their essential humanness. An interview should allow the interviewee to demonstrate the real them however, Snyder intentionally tried to get Manson to react negatively to his questions. In the interview, both Snyder and Manson insulted one another while asking and answering questions. While asking a question at the beginning of the interview, Snyder identified Manson as a “maniac”. This comment was made to make Manson become angry and show his evil side. This caused the interview to be what Snyder wanted because it demonstrated how immoral serial killers are. The interviewer wanted the audience to retain the thought that serial killers are evil and have no compassion for other humans. The arguing caused the interview to lose its credibility. Rather than focusing on the question, Manson would focus on Snyder’s insults. This made it difficult to conduct an effective interview because the interviewee was more focused on what was being said and not processing what was asked. This
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