The Manufactured Crisis Essay

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The Manufactured Crisis written by David C. Berliner and Bruce J. Biddle is a book disproving the horrible reputation America’s education system has been given by the media and by the government. Americans have almost been programmed to believe that the public school systems are failing and that in order to make their children successful they have to be sent to private schools. The Manufactured Crisis is a well written book jammed packed full of research and observation that overwhelming disproves the myths and bashing of public school systems. In chapter one Biddle and Berliner grab you attention right away this throwing a number of news headings at you. Most of these headings read something like, “Fourteen-year-old student,…show more content…
The amount of charts and cited documents that are included in this book are uncountable. The myth that I think has the greatest effect of this is when they prove the myth wrong about dropping SAT scores nation wide. The graph that I found the most inveigling was exhibit 2.5. It is in this graph that shows that nationwide from the year of 1976 to the year 1993 all the races Black, Asian American, Native American, Mexican American, and Puerto Rican showed some type of advancement in achieving higher grades. All accept the white population who in fact scored 6 points lower on average. I am not saying that Biddle and Berliner are raciest, but in fact made me think that the reason why the media says we are in an education crisis is because the white population is dropping in progress where the so called “minorities” are advancing, and in the case of the Asian Americans are exceeding us in scores. Very intriguing that there is now an education crisis since the “minorities” are catching up to the “superior” white race in testing grades. I think that Berliner and Biddle did an exceptional job proving there point with the immense amount of graphs and recoded evidence to really make their audience open their eyes. Another myth that I believe they disproved very effectively was the myth that “American schools fail badly by comparison with schools in other industrialized countries.” This myth
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