The Manufacturing Component Of The International Feasibility Study

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Section C Manufacturing The manufacturing component of the International Feasibility Study can be argued as the most important element in the decision-making process for expansion. The four decision criteria Legacy Homes saw as the best fit to our expansion efforts include available skilled workers that demand a low wage in the market, a prime manufacturing location with a developed infrastructure close to suppliers and consumers, the attractiveness the area presents in terms of growth potential and incentives for new business, and the ease of transitioning current patents, capital, and culture into Croatia. First, we will discuss our most important criterion when considering our business-level strategy of focused low cost, which is an abundance of skilled workers that demand a low wage in the market. As Croatia focuses its efforts on economic development and a thriving business climate, they have segmented some of their less dense regions into business zones. Many of these business zones are near major business centers or have a fully developed infrastructure that have allowed business in the region to grow and, as a result, towns have populated and labor pools have enlarged. The downside is that Croatia is also introducing competitiveness clusters to foster competition amongst businesses in similar geographic regions, which can push the price of labor up. An effect of the recent economic downturn is a staggering 370,000 people are unemployed, so
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