The Manufacturing Sector Of The Twenty First Century

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1. INTRODUCTION The manufacturing sector of the twenty-first century faces a rapid changing market thereby increase in complexity of the manufacturing environment and its processes. An agile manufacturer is one who is the very responsive to the market, operates with the lowest total cost and has the greatest ability to satisfy its customers. Therefore, the manufacturing system has to be responsive enough corresponding to the market demand to achieve proper flow. The designers came up with new methodologies for process design they are, flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and reconfigurable manufacturing processes (RMS). For a successful implantation of the manufacturing paradigms to the systems many enablers are required and they a vital…show more content…
2. Flexible manufacturing system process planning Flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is a manufacturing system in which allows the system to react back in the case of changes by making it flexible, where manufacturing system is integrated, computer-operated consists of automated material handling devices and numerically controlled machines that can simultaneously process variety of part types without actually disturbing the process. The FMS is most suited for the mid-volume production range and mid-variety products. The factors which make system flexible are • Its ability to identify and distinguish among different parts types. • Quick changeover of operating commands. • Quick changeover of system setup. Some of its advantages are, • Quicker, lower-cost when a switch from one part to another in turn improves capital. • Lower labour cost, due to the decrease in number of workers. • Reduced inventory, due to the precise planning and programming. • Better quality, due to the automation. • Lower cost per unit produced due to shorter lead times • Reduced errors, repairs, rework and rejects. • Lower cost per unit produced. • Increased machine efficiency and system reliability. • Adaptability to CAD/CAM operations for better simulation. The above section pointed out that the benefits of FMS are potentially high. However, these benefits can only be obtained if the FMS is properly implemented and managed. A successful implementation of
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