The Many Aspects Of Medicine

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Medicine is in many aspects considered the bringer of life as it has the ability to heal a rather unsightly wound. On the other hand, it can also be deemed the harbinger of death, whereas if it is used in the wrong context, the person could subsequently die as a result. The term Medieval Magic is a collaboration of pre-existing ideas shared across cultures, as well as spiritual influence with a shamanistic attribute. Much of the knowledge that is used came from just before the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the texts that manage to survive made its way into the hands of doctors who would combine their intuition with that of those who came before. This was the turning point where one culture overlaps another and part of one idea is combined with another. Faith could not easily be shifted to ensure that the physical remedies they were receiving would actually work, people placed their health in the hands of God and the church. Ideas placed in the sight of curing disease were not in the least a secular motion, contained the view in which astrological influences along with sins and destiny played as big a role as any physical solution could muster up. The belief that spiritual intervention is much more powerful than any doctors’ capability and praying at one of the saints alters will provide healing properties to any ailment. Medicine in Europe had gained a better footing during the 12th century with the influence of the Renaissance, as well as texts from Ancient Greece
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