The Many Benefits of Exercise Essay

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Before you get dressed for work, before you listen to the morning radio, before you drop off any relatives in school, and begin your day, you have the opportunity to enhance your health. Having a morning impulse to exercise along with a weekly routine is one of the best investments we can make in ourselves. I completely agree in the great gratification received after exercising; especially knowing the benefits it has over one's mind and body. We should not be oblivious to any programs or recommendations that belittled the need to exercise. An example of this can be the claims made by weight loss products. The partisan endorsements can lack fair understandings and clear beneficial information related to exercise. With pitched statements …show more content…
The most effective way to accomplish weight-loss is to cut back on calories by decreasing food intake, while increasing physical activity." Weight-loss programs that do not address any physical activity needs are also excluding a sense of well-being and also lead to the misinterpretation to think exercise is not as important. Exercise as you may know improves our physical form, but is highly important for us to include in our schedules for other reasons that include, our mental health and our opportunity to improve our country’s heath population ratio. So weight loss methods, whether they are diets, products or full programs, for all these reasons, should bring the importance of exercising to a greater attention.
In 2009, The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice examined the effects physical activities can have on our mental health. They found that physical activities can improve self-esteem, self-efficacy and reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. The concept of self-efficacy is when one may not be motivated to get up and move. It happens when people question their ability to accomplish a goal or task, and lose motivation. At one point or another, we have experience the desire to exercise only to lose that motivation minutes later. This research found that aerobic exercises were found to be the best to improve these psychological adjustments. Even though
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