The Many Benefits of Globalization Essays

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“Globalization is not just one impact of the new technologies that are reshaping the economies of the third millennium” (Thurow 19-31). When speaking of globalization, most people will not have a complete understanding as of what it actually means or what aspects of the world it affects. Globalization promotes free trade and creates jobs. The capital markets attract investors, resort cheap labor, and leads to job losses in some areas of higher wage. While all of this is happening, the world economy is being effected: economically, culturally, socially, and politically.

It is known that the economy is definitely effected by globalization, but not always in a negative way. In a sense, the world revolves around some situations dealing
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Trade, foreign direct investment, and financial capital are three positive effects of the global economy. An example of economic globalization is, when major trades of goods are being transported from country to country. Some practices made by large transnational corporations have a negative effect. With the lowering of market costs, global scope, brand image consistency, quick and efficient use of ideas, and uniformity in marketing practices, globalization can be have a beneficial effect. In brief, the global spread of some values, beliefs and practices have negative and positive effects on the people and their cultures.
The economy is not the only area effected by globalization. Cultural globalization is also of critical importance. It is spread through the media, books, and even through the news. Since world news and information are often shared across countries, it is a sign of merging cultures through entertainment and media technology. The fact that television shows like South Park and Arthur are shown in multiple countries; shows that the cultures are becoming globalized. Globalization disturbs the way we conceptualize culture and in a sense, culture is an intrinsic aspect of the whole process of complex connectivity, therefore globalization matters to culture in the sense that it brings the negotiation of cultural experiences into the center of strategies for intervention in the other realms of connectivity: the
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