The Many Faces Of Socialism

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The Many Faces of Socialism Socialism has worn many faces throughout history, some good and helpful, others harsh and controlling. Socialism has been an important political and economic idea since the early eighteenth century; It has gained popularity from the underlying idea that the government, market, and social systems should benefit the people not large corporations. Socialism is the idea that a state 's economy and society should be run democratically and should meet the needs of the people, not make profits for the rich ("What is Democratic Socialism? Q&A."). Core focuses of socialism are: to create the best conditions for the free, rational, and active person, the destruction of idols, and meeting the natural needs of men (Fromm). There are many different types of political and economic society theories including: commercial, capitalism, Marxism, socialism, democratic socialism, nazism, and communism. A commercial society is defined by its private property, production, and regulation of manufacturing by private contract (Schumpeter). The bourgeois must rule with a non-bourgeois team as a partner (Schumpeter). A commercial society is not the same as capitalism, rather it is an alternative to socialism (Schumpeter). Communism has long been a category that many radical socialists are grouped into ("What is Democratic Socialism? Q&A."). Socialists oppose the ruling parties of communist states because they do not believe that improvement comes through
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