The Many Facets Of Policing

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The Many Facets of Policing in America
Ashley Robinson
Southern New Hampshire University

For the final project for this American Policing course I’ve created a research paper on Policing in America. Throughout the contents of this paper I have identified whether the current policing philosophies have a positive or negative impact on the communities and how I’ve arrived at this conclusion. I have provided this critical assessment and recommendation based on text readings, scholarly research, and personal experience, in and out of the bonds of this course.

The main elements of this piece are as follows:
1. History of policing in America
2. The evolution of policing in America
3. The civil rights era of policing
4. Community policing
5. Modern police tactics and philosophies

The History and Evolution of Policing in America

Every aspect of modern society grew into what we know now as civilized. The American Police organization history and evolution can be explained by detailing the 3 eras of American policing. The Political Era, the Reform Era and the Community Integration Era.
The political Era of American policing
The political Era, or the “good ol boy” era of American Policing was established in 1840, long after the establishment of the 1st watch system in Boston Massachusetts in 1631, This Era implemented, authorized and funded by the local elected political officials, the early policing concept frequently struggled with the need to be unified and
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