The Many Languages of Australia and New Zealand

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As of 2013, there are many languages spoken both in Australia and New Zealand. Having a history dating as far as the 18th century, both countries constitute the Austral realm. Within its many aspects, one of the most notorious is its language. Known by the humorous effect some of its sentences and words provoke in people, the language of the Austral realm has helped shape the identity of Australia as well as New Zealand and has become an essential spectrum of their culture.
In spite of its variations and the reasons behind its current status, this research paper will be focusing upon the four main languages of the Austral realm: English, New Zealand’s and Australia’s sign language, Australian Indigenous language and the Maori language in New Zealand. Each language has impacted the Austral realm in its own way and will be viewed both individually and in comparison within the realm’s two states. English’s history, what constitutes the signs in New Zealand’s sign language, Australian accent… all of them are part of a culture both beautiful and unique and should, therefore, be treated with the same care as one would treat any relic.
The Austral realm’s languages are viewed by its people as more than only an idiom. Its evolution throughout decades of history has transformed both Australia and New Zealand into a unique society, filled with a mixture of words and idioms such as “go for a burn” and “dog’s breakfast,” both of which exemplifies some of the reasons of the worldwide
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