The Maori Tribe Of New Zealand

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The Maori tribe arrived in New Zealand during the 13th century. Upon their arrival, the Maori people came across a land quite different from what they originally had been accustomed, learning to adapt to the new climate and the hunt for land mammals is how the tribe survive for years. The Maori people are recognized for their tribe proud spirit, great navigating skills using starts and oceans, and a sense of history that isolates them from every other tribe. The Maori indigenous people migrated from the islands of East Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean, this voyage was later known as the “Great Fleet”. But even before all the Polynesian voyagers arrived it was said that Chief Kupe was the first to find New Zealand. After the settlement of…show more content…
The highest social rank for the Maori people was the ariki and this was the first-born descendant of the tribe and the leader of the tribe. Every person in the Maori tribe has specific tasks and roles within the social order, such as gardening or hunting for food. The social structure of the Maori culture was divided into three groups: gentry, commoners, and slaves. The commoners were the lower class and while the slaves were treated well, they did not have any personal rights. One commonality that was seen between the high and low status were the tattoos and garments used by the people, those tattooed were within a higher social stratum while those without were deemed worthless. The Maori believed that everything that exists was created by the Gods, the void, the night, and the world of light. To the people, the natural and supernatural worlds were one altogether. The Maori tribe had many spiritual concepts and have a god for almost every life event such as birth, fishing, and the first crops. The rich Maori culture believes in spiritual beings and a supreme supernatural, Io. It is believed that Io only appears to those who have reached a superior level in society, most preferably by the Maori. It was once said that each Maori family had spirits and gods watching over them, these supernatural beings originated from the dead relatives, miscarriages or abortions. Death and funeral rituals play an important role in the Maori culture. In the funeral

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