The Map Of India, By Aparna Sen 's Indian / English Movie, Mr. And Mrs.

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The map of India seems simple at first, but, upon learning more about it, the map becomes very complex as you learn that there are many different religion practices and cultural beliefs. India is a country where the citizens’ live strictly by religion and tradition, by following their castes. It is that, that keeps them strong and has helped them survived for hundreds of years. Correspondingly, in Aparna Sen’s Indian/English movie, “Mr. and Mrs. Iyer”, the main actor, Raja, survives the dangerous journey solely because he is associated to a “Tamilian Brahmin” caste. The film highlights the two main religions – Hinduism and Islam and is portrayed by two characters, Meenakshi Iyer (Konkona Sen) and Raja Chowdhury/Mr. Iyer (Rahul Bose). The movie revolves around violence due to religion conflicts and companionship between Meenakshi and Raja who have nothing in common. Through these two renowned actors, the viewer gains insight on the Indian religion and cultural beliefs. Precisely, the caste and religion differences are exposed in the film by the characters. First, religion is intensely shown throughout the film. There is communal religion conflict between Islam and Hinduism. The police officer announces to passengers that a communal riot has taken place; Hindu’s are looking to kill Muslims. Raja is in the bus sitting beside Meenakshi and the rioters enter the bus to find any Muslims among the passengers. The first information they ask is what is their identity. They ask a

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