The Maple Hills Elementary School

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Maple Hills Elementary School (MHES), a K-8 school in a rural farming community in the Midwest, is facing a changing landscape involving culture, language, and traditional approaches to special education. Historically, the community was predominately White, with German and English heritage, native English speakers, and identify as Protestant Christians dating back generations. However, through two recent waves of immigration influx, the community’s diversity has broadened. The first wave brought transient immigrants from Mexico and the Dominican Republic who were drawn to farm work and construction. Many parents in these families had minimal previous formal schooling. The second wave of immigration brought physicians and other professional personnel when a large regional medical center was built. Alternatively, these families had quite high levels of formal schooling and worked middle and upper-middle class jobs. The Maple Hills’ historically homogenous community structure has ultimately been altered from the immigration waves. Maple Hills Elementary School is one of seven public schools in the district. Although the closest urban area is forty-five minutes away, families still hold that their only schooling option is the best. The schools have strong reputations and are widely regarded as excellent. Rob Unkster is in his third year as principal at MHES and has served in education for the past eighteen years. He is a Maple Hills native and is proud to be serving…
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