The Maple Tree

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After all, this was the first house I would remember moving into.

('The maple tree': Image by Oriana Ullman) But as my young eyes wandered from the grass to the front stoop, they fell on something magical to behold - a tree. It might seem ordinary to some, but this tree is a symbol, representing the hardships and troubles so many people have gone through in their lives.

There are always those people who seem invincible. Bulletproof. Indestructible. You come across them once in a lifetime. Try taking a wrecking ball to them - they’ll jump straight back up. But they hide the years of struggle and the adversity that has crossed their paths. Rarely is it that one finds an inanimate object with this “invincibility.” But looking up at this tree - tall, thick, hiding its age on the inside, with hundreds of rings etched into the wood - you know you’ve found it. You know at first glance what it’s been through: all the blizzards and heaps of snow and rain, fierce thunderstorms and droughts. One hundred and sixty years are never easy. But one moment trumps them all.

I wasn’t there when it…
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