The Marbles And The Parthenon

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For nearly 2500 years the Parthenon, located in Athens, Greece has manifested the ancient Greek notions of justice, freedom and artistic excellence. One of the most well-known artifacts that were once on the Parthenon 's exterior were the Elgin Marbles. These sacred marbles were crafted by the well-regarded Phidias, consisting of an extensive amount of Greek ideologies and exceptional artistic impressions. The Elgin marbles were taken from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin and brought to Britain. Hundreds of years later, the Greeks claim these marbles were once their prized possession, and demand the return of them. Many may wonder, why let a so called 'prized possession ' be kept in such a low security setting with little protection? The only…show more content…
(Sultan, Nancy, Illinois Wesleyan University. Should the ‘Elgin Marbles’ be Returned to Greece? Illinois, 2005.). Therefore, not only are the marbles further protected in the British museum but they also benefit many citizens. Many people living in Britain have been inspired by the marbles or other migrated artifacts, these individuals have grown to become well-recognized artists and writers from the influence of the Elgin marbles. (Hitchens, Christopher, Robert Browning, and Graham Binns. The Elgin marbles: should they be returned to Greece? London: Verso, 1998.) The Elgin marbles were anticipating 3 possible outcomes; destruction by natural causes, destruction by war, or rescued by the British. Fortunately, the marbles were saved and guarded by the British, preventing any possible destruction. Lord Elgin did not only legally retrieve the marbles but he had entirely good intentions as he was clearly captivated by classical Greek design. At the time, Greece was under the rule of the Turkish Ottoman, the Turks continually defaced and destroyed many statues in order to make mortar.(Sultan, Nancy, Illinois Wesleyan University. Should the ‘Elgin Marbles’ be Returned to Greece? Illinois, 2005.). It was only a matter of time before the marbles were sacrificed. Lord Elgin did not only spring at the
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