The Marine Corps As A Power Projection Force Essay

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History has shown us that though it’s lifetime, the Marine Corps has and will continue to participate in small wars due to its operational nature of being a power projection force that is always ready. From the Banana Wars of the early 20th century to the most recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Marine Corps has found itself in conflicts vice the large conventional wars that it trains for. Although there is no “one size fits all” approach to the challenges of small wars, as the Joint Operational Environment, 2010, points out, we “(t)he great difficulty U.S. forces will confront in facing irregular warfare is that such conflicts require a thorough understanding of the cultural, religious, political, and historical context within which they are being fought” (pg 67). What this means for the Marine Corps is its approach to in preparing for war must evolve to take into consideration the many facets of why the conflict is being fought/ what is causing the conflict and how balance the Force to provide stability to best win them. Success lies in focusing on the aspects of small wars that intertwine with each other and have proven to be effective across the range of conflict. While there is no type of small war that is more important than another, there is a common element in small wars that the Marine Corps is suited for take into consideration and develop. Small war type conflicts, specifically stability, are becoming the norm and will likely be the most probable
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