The Marine Corps Boot Camp

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November 10th 1775, the United States Marine Corps was born in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The most elite military branch was founded in a bar! Since then the Marine Corps has done two things; ake Marines, and win battles. Today, the Marine Corps boot camp training program is among the most difficult, 13 week transformation to turn young, proud American men and women into elite warriors. Along with being the most difficult boot camp, the Marines is the only branch of the military that you have to earn the title, to be called a United States Marine. Once you graduate and survive the basic training, no other branch can say, “I am a Marine”. It does not work with the Army, Navy, or Air Force. There is a significate…show more content…
The IST is comprised of pull ups, crunches and a mile and a half run, which prepares recruits for the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) consists of pullups, crunches and a three mile run. Week two is “Barracks Week”, which brings discipline to the recruits and gives them the daily morning routine. Week three is “Basic Warrior Training Week”, where recruits learn close combat skills, basic first aid, and a three mile conditioning hike. Week four is “Drill Week”, with the first month of training coming to an end, it is time to test the recruits on knowledge test, and a platoon drill test. Week five is “Water Survival Week”, recruits learn how to stay alive in deep water, by learning techniques that will make them more comfortable in water. Week six is “Gas Chamber and Repel Tower Week”, which has recruits face the fear of heights, as well as facing tear gas. Week seven is “Weapons Training”, where recruits learn the different shoot positions for week eight, which is “Range Week”, on range week recruits do live fire shooting at 200, 300, and 500 yards to master their rifle. Week nine is “Team Week”, recruits get assigned different jobs around the base which promotes leadership to overcome tasks. Week ten is “Field Training Week”, recruits live and learn how to operate in a simulated combat zone. Week eleven is “Test Week”, where recruits take
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