The Marine Corps For Eight And A Half Years

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I have served in the Marine Corps for Eight and a half years. I happened to choose a job where most people don’t volunteer to Enlist into. I have spent my entire career as an Infantryman. This job that I choose to become part of has brought me to many places. Most people join the Marine Corps to see the world, but I wanted to fight. I was afforded the opportunity to partake in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom covering both theaters our nation is at war with. Throughout those years many things have begun to change. We are no longer actively engaged in armed conflict, and with that comes many changes with rules, regulations, and standards. Our country is in an interesting time with political correctness over shadowing one of the greatest fighting forces known to mankind. I have always tried to place my family as the highest priority, but as many people know this task is often difficult to do with the constraints of the military. With these things in mind I wanted to progress the tools, and skills I have learned throughout the years. I wanted to afford my family different opportunities than I had at hand. This is why I have decided to finish my contract in the Marine Corps, and further my skills elsewhere in society. The first reason that was a factor in me getting out of the Marine Corps, was the transition to a peace time military. Regardless of what is said in the media based on what our current actions are in the middle east, or with anything…

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