The Marine Corps Essay

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“You will take your place among the most elite warriors on earth. If you have what it takes to make it” Simple key words that leaves the reader thinking is the most important element in propaganda, and this quote above does an exemplary job at doing just that. For almost 100 years the United States of America has done an amazing job at persuading and influencing the hearts and minds of people around the globe – specifically voluntary recruits. By using so few words and being ambiguous it leads the reader towards conceptualizing this idea as something they could take on and image for themselves. “The Few. The Proud. The Marines”. A catch phrase that has taken on a meaning of its own and has been a part of the Corps since the 1970’s when the draft was abolished and they needed recruiting mechanisms. Aside from the few years they were down prior to 9/11, the Marines’ target enrolling goal has always surpassed their yearly limit (Dao, 2014). The Marine Corps are an interesting sector of the military, from a simple google search it was found to be viewed as the most prestigious and elite group of the U.S. military. Throughout this essay there will be an in-depth analysis on the specific advertisement I have chosen as well as answering some questions that have come up over the course of my research. These questions are: how does the Marine Corps distinguish themselves so much from other military strands? Also, how can the Marine Corps influence the population to join for

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