The Marine Corps Recruiting Depot Essay

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Kevin grit his teeth. His hands strangled the arms of his blue leather seat that were embroidered with white thread. Fear oozed from every pore within his body. His body tensed as we felt the engine roar, saw the turbines spin, and runway come to life. As the plane’s thrusters kicked in, Kevin shut his eyes, but I didn’t. I stared through my window and watched the runway lights gradually merge into a single line of fluorescent orange. Before I knew it, I was gazing upon Philadelphia, hundreds of feet in the air, illuminated by the light of an afternoon’s sun. Our destination, the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot.
The plane steadied as we flew above the clouds. My once jaw dropping view is reduced to a monotonous screen of white like a piece of printer paper. I closed the blinds and was now struck with proliferating boredom. My mind started to wander. When this happens my surrounding becomes distant and I am fully immersed in thought. I imagined landing in sunny San Diego, feeling the sun’s rays warm my body. Eating all the delicious food from the mess hall or buying my favorite ice cream, homemade pistachio almond drizzled with hot fudge and caramel.
Upon my return to reality I noticed the cabin lights have been shut off. The only source of light came from backlit displays. A vivid red no smoking icon hung above every passenger and a keep your seatbelts symbol was right beside it. It created a soothing atmosphere, that put most riders to sleep. It was like being cradled as a…

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