The Mark Of Oxin: A Narrative Fiction

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Phil sat in his room playing the RPG he made for the first time. He was extremely proud of himself for putting together something so long and brilliant. He played through it as fast as he could, and within a few hours he reached the part he really wanted to see: the end.

About halfway through the game, after the main characters, Alex and Emily, had been reunited, they started dating. At the end, the duo defeated the final boss (with a bit of help from Phil) and Phil started playing the cutscene, grinning ear to ear.

Alex- ________, will you marry me?

Emily- Of course I will!

The two then got married and lived happily ever after. Phil titled the game “The Mark of Oxin” and closed his laptop with a smile on his face. He would see
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Dan rolled his eyes and they got to gaming.

Phil sat anxiously as Dan played through the final chapter of The Mark of Oxin until he finally reached the boss battle. Phil’s stomach was doing flips when Dan beat the final boss and the newly-coded cutscene began. Since Dan had been reading Alex’s lines since the beginning, he read the first line.

“Dan, will you marry me?” Phil was smiling at his boyfriend, his stomach now in knots. He gripped the small box in his pocket. “Phil... Why does it say Dan? Her name is Emily...”
“Yes, but your name is Dan.” Phil took out the box and opened it towards Dan, revealing a shiny gold ring.

Dan started to tear up, and he choked out a soft, “Of course I will, you spork!” before collapsing into Phil’s arms, both of them beaming. Phil slipped the ring onto Dan’s finger and smiled at the camera.
“Dan, do you think we should finish the game?” Dan nodded and Phil read Emily’s line. “Of course I will!” The two watched lovingly as Alex and Emily got married, unable to think about anything but their own future wedding.

Dan smiled up at Phil and Phil smiled softly back at him. “Phil?”


“Do you want to edit that out?”

“No. Do

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