The Mark of Race Essay

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Race has proven to be more than the color of someone’s skin. Race, through personal experience, is stigmas and stereotypes, limits and control, power, and opportunity. Race is about shades, hues, and pigments justifying bias actions. Does one race, because of something that cannot be changed, have an advantage over another? Does something as simple as the color dictate how one is seen in society and limit what one can and cannot do? We classify one another in four or five classes based on features and judge one another’s internal abilities based on race (Adelman and Herbes-Sommers 2003). We are quick to simplify the complexity of an individual based on physical features and what we assume to be correct. As stated in episode one,…show more content…
To suppress a person after finding out information about them is difficult. The quickest way is to use past history about an entire race, place someone in their ‘respective’ category, and continue to act superior. As stated in the film, a story of race was created to justify how all men are not treated equal (Adelman and Strain 2003). This statement resonates with me because we use race to validate negative things different races say and do to one another. I rarely hear race in the media in a positive light. Race has become a crutch for those who are in power, to stay in power while keeping their foot on those beneath them. The history of racism in America has skewed how we interact with one another within our own race. As history has shown, men began to denounce their race to simply be seen as equal to the white man (Adelman and Strain 2003). People within the same race were treated different based on skin tone. The same privilege has carried over into today’s modern racism. Within the black community, there is hostility between people of different shades of brown. There comes unspoken privilege with being a lighter shade . There is more acceptance in society and more leverage for a lighter skinned African American then there is for a darker skinned individual. I find the division between people in the same race to be detrimental. For the dominate race, there is little division because they have found a common ground, power, that
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