The Market For College Literature

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The market for college literature has expanded over the past few decades. College students now have a choice in buying their text books in form of E-Book, hypertext, or even in paper form. However, some believe that the different types of presentation platforms differ in comprehension level. Jabr (2012) expressed concern for the comprehension of electronic reading by using an example of a common YouTube video of a one-year old girl who seemed more interested in the iPad than a paper book. The child expressed confusion when the paper book did not change pages with the simple swipe of her fingers like the iPad’s pages. For children, who grow up in a world where electronic books may be more easily accessible to them at school than paper books, potential comprehensive differences between the presentation formats of books is becoming an important topic to investigate. Jabr (2012) found that electronic reading negativity affects speed of reading, word accuracy, and comprehension of the material. Jabr explained the negative affects of these three regions with three factors; navigation problems, fatigue levels, and attitudes. To begin, navigation shortcuts can be utilized while examining electronic literature, such as key word searches. In addition, Wästlund found that when participants could see the entire page of an article on a screen, their performance was significantly better than those who had to scroll down to reach further points in the article (2007). Scrolling is often
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