The Market For College Literature

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The market for college literature has expanded over the past few decades. College students now have a choice in buying their text books in form of E-Book, hypertext, or even in paper form. However, some believe that the different types of presentation platforms differ in comprehension level. Jabr (2012) expressed concern for the comprehension of electronic reading by using an example of a common YouTube video of a one-year old girl who seemed more interested in the iPad than a paper book. The child expressed confusion when the paper book did not change pages with the simple swipe of her fingers like the iPad’s pages. For children, who grow up in a world where electronic books may be more easily accessible to them at school than paper…show more content…
Some programs use up and down arrow keys, some use the scroll bar, others use a swipe of the finger. The effect of the navigational procedure of scrolling, as Wästlund concluded, has negative implications on the mental workload required to read the article due to the shifting of focus to the page movement. Another navigational problem with electronic reading was discovered by Manger et al., (2013) who found that difficult tracking placement due to scroll bar mechanics would negatively impact the reader’s ability to focus on the reading. Manger also found that the ability to task-switch between windows also made it difficult for participants to keep track of their previous reading placement. The negative effect of task-switching was shown to also effect participants adjacent from the task-switcher in Fried’s conclusion (2008). The presence of a computer in the room can create a lot of distraction for those nearby who may not be using an electronic device. Research has pointed to task-switching being a direct influence on the negative performance to comprehension in electronic conditions (Fried, 2008; Manger et al. 2013; Bowman et al. 2010). Latency, the lagging or delay of a program’s task, would also be a negative mechanic that overall threw off the readers ability to navigate and read effectively. With latency while viewing the materials, participants find it difficult to understand and stay
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