The Market For Sensitivity Toothpaste

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The market for sensitivity toothpaste is not completely tapped by the producers of sensitivity toothpaste. In urban market (Tier 1 & 2) have a higher awareness of tooth sensitivity issue and account for about 80% according to dentists. Of those 80% not everyone uses sensitive toothpaste. Also, the 20% of those not aware are also a potential target for future customers. Which provides for a credible market in the urban cities for CP to target. The other major reason to target the sensitivity market is the rural population (Tier3-6). Majority population falls in this category and sensitivity issue accounts for 25% of the people. This market segment has not yet been targeted by other competitors and provides CP with an opportunity to target in the future. CP will have to evaluate the positioning for each segment to determine how to target the segment. Positioning is the mental picture that people have about a company and its products or services relative to competitors (Grewal, 2014, p 234). In order to develop the positioning it is important to have a positioning statement. It expresses how a company wants to be perceived by consumers (Grewal, 2014, p 234). CP statement has been clear in India for a number of years. It has used statements such as “India’s No. 1 Brand” or “India’s No.1 Most Trusted Brand.” While in the sensitive market segment it states “No. 1 toothpaste recommended by dentists for sensitive teeth.” “Usually, firms position their products and services

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