The Market Leader On Commercial And Industrial Work For A Long Time Now

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(CO. NAME) has been the market leader on commercial and industrial work for a long time now. Our services range from Fire Alarm Installation, Repair and Maintenance of Commercial Systems, Retrofitting, Violation Removal, Engineering and service upgrades among others.
We are a no excuse company that ensures total quality by getting it right the first time. Our rates are customised to accommodate individual budgets and our engineers are trained, certified, have the experience, skill and expertise to deliver even on difficult timelines.
With us your comfort is ensured, security guaranteed and business efficiency optimised. Contact us today and be guarded against losing revenues as a result of power outages.
As market leaders in fire Alarm Installation and Commercial-Electrical Services, (CO.NAME), boosts of years of experience and expertise in Retrofitting, Violation Removal and Engineering not forgetting Systems Repair and Maintenance. With readily available equipment and qualified personnel, (CO. NAME) does not compromise on quality. As specialists, our services;
• Incorporate customised designs to satisfy individual-commercial needs
• Are cheap and cost effective
• embrace the use of latest innovation and technology
• Are provided by experienced and trained personnel for maximum cover against flames
• ensure shortest service delivery and service time
• are warrantied for your confidence and safety
• are provided anytime, anywhere for 24/7 throughout the year

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