The Market Screening Analysis For Our Company

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As per your request, I have been working on the market screening analysis for our company. The purpose of this memo is to analyze the market for Oberweis ice cream and to rank the prospective markets in terms of suitability for market entry for the product. In this memo, I will identify 10 most interesting countries based upon initial market scan and based on this scan, I will decide which country is the prime country for international expansion. The top 10 countries I have selected for the screening process are as follows: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. I have selected these top 10 countries based on Consumption Per Capita: they are the top 10 ice cream consumers in the world. It is important to keep a pulse on the economy; one product and 10 qualifying countries is all what it takes to analyze market indicators and find one country that will perform promisingly with the Oberweis ice cream. Throughout evaluation and search for quantitative data, GDP became first and most essential measure for market analysis since it pinpoints economy’s current health. GDP measure becomes in our case, a highly valued determinant of which country will be chosen as a potential country for expansion: it identifies health and well—being of an economy. If there is GDP growth, there is a strong economy. GDP growth indicates that profits are growing and there is a return on capital. There is a noticeable difference between
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